The Tile Project is an initiative by the TransCultural Exchange based in Boston, Massachusetts, uniting some 100 artists from around the world and presenting their works in twenty installations. The reasoning behind this project is best explained in the words of Mary Sherman, the international coordinator of The Tile Project and founding member of TransCultural Exchange:

The Tile Project - Destination: The World

The need for enduring symbols of peace and cross-cultural understanding cannot be overstated during these conflicted times. This need is not one that can be gauged quantitatively, but must be primarily assessed with the heart and mind together. We aim to affirm the hope that people of the world can cross superficial boundaries and work in unison towards peace, regardless of nationality, race, gender or age. It is our belief that long after the last tile projects have been installed and the last forums have been completed, the spirit and artistic value of "The Tile Project" will resonate loudly amongst individuals and their communities around the world.
© Mary Sherman/TransCultural Exchange

The New Zealand Contributors

Aimée McLeod, Norbert Hausberg and Roland Idaczyk (NZ Contact and Coordinator).

The New Zealand Installation

The public installation in Porirua City has been completed and an opening ceremony held at PATAKA on Sunday, 10 October 2004 at 2pm. Ruby Barnes from Chicago had come to New Zealand to assist with the installation and represented the TransCultural Exchange at the opening.

Please note

This web site solely serves as an introduction to the New Zealand contributors and is meant to be a starting platform for them to eventually present additional work and activities they are involved in. This site does in no way represent the TransCultural Exchange or their members. For official announcements relating to this and other projects of the TransCultural Exchange as well as more detail and information on other installation sites around the globe please refer to the official project web site.

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